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Trial Membership Application

First review the Coverage of our state and federal courts along with our License Agreement and Membership Subscription Agreement.

Normally we offer 3 different service plans:

  1. Daily @ $29.95 / 24hrs
  2. Monthly @ $69.95 / month cancel at end of any month period
  3. Annual @ $719.40 /year ($49.95 X 12 months = $599.40) with a 12 month contract


However, by using this subscription page, you are setting up your trial, you'll be signed-up for the Annual Plan listed above and have the ability to cancel it within the first 21 days, with no further obligation in months 2-12.


Details:  You will be signed up for the annual plan and will pay $719.40.  If you like the service (which you probably will), there is no need to notify us; just continue using it.  Your annual subscription will automatically continue without interruption.  If you cancel the service (by email to Customer Service ) within the first 21 days of your subscription, your account will be canceled and your user account will expire at the end of the first month.  You will not be billed again.  You will receive a refund of $719.40 - $69.95 = $649.45.  Refunds are issued on approximately the 10th the month.


As a member, feel free to call or email with other comments or questions.  You will be assigned a support contact who can help with anything from Research Help to Account Maintenance.  


We look forward to serving you in the near future,


The staff at