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Services Demonstration

Three (4) options exist for trying; they follow:


1) You can get a 1-month  full-access TRIAL subscription to the service.  Just click the TRIAL subscription link and follow the on screen instruction to activate your full-access trial subscription. 


2) You can also call a support representative (865) 397-7900 ext. 116, who can set up a FREE, one use, Guided Tour Account.  It will let you get online while on the phone with that support person, so you can get answers to any questions that you might have about the user interface while doing actual research on the system. 


3) You can do GUEST RESEARCH and try it before you buy it

4) Or you can walk through the slide presentation below.  It illustrates the steps involved in using the system.  It is provided to give you a visual tour of the process, step by step. It is NOT a "live / interactive" trial subscription (like option # 1 above). The table of contents below should provide an easy way for you to navigate through one or more of the demonstrated topics.

  1. Case Research Demo

  2. Select the Jurisdiction
  3. Formulate a Search Query
  4. Narrow Your Search (Optional)
  5. Select the Number of Results to View
  6. Submit the Search Query
  7. Viewing the Results List
  8. Activated Case Link
  9. Viewing the Document


  1. Courts Demo

  2. Select the Appropriate Tool
  3. Select the Desired Jurisdiction
  4. Viewing the Results List
  5. Activate the Tool Link
  6. Viewing the Document


  1. Government Demo

  2. Federal Resources
  3. State Resources