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Membership Subscription Agreement

Membership Subscription Agreement


By accepting the License Agreement, I also accept all terms of this Membership Subscription Agreement. 


Subscription Renewals & Cancellations:  I understand that this Membership Subscription Agreement (MSA) will automatically renew at the end of the initial term of the subscription of this MSA for Annual Plans and Monthly Plans, and Court Clerk, Inc., will automatically bill me in an amount of the then existing subscription pricing.  I understand that if I do not wish to automatically extend this MSA for another term equal to the length of the initial term, I will provide Court Clerk, Inc. written notice (via email to or mail to PO Box 1519 Dandridge, TN  37725) of my intent not to automatically renew within the specified time of my membership plan.  Automatic renewals will occur until I inform Court Clerk, Inc., in writing of my intent to not renew my membership subscription, within the specified time of my membership plan. If I do not notify Court Clerk, Inc., in writing, of my intent to not renew my membership subscription within the specified time of my membership plan, I hereby agree that I will pay Court Clerk, Inc. the full amount of monies due under this MSA in a manner consistent with the terms herein.



Initial Term

Specified Time

Annual Plan:

12 months

30 days prior to the end of the initial term or term

Monthly Plan:

1 month

5 days prior to the end of the initial term or term

Daily Plan:

24 hours

Not applicable (does not automatically renew)


Early Cancellation & Refund Policy:  Early cancellation penalty of one third (1/3) the initial term at existing price applies.  No refunds.


In the event that I fail to make payment, I agree that Court Clerk, Inc. may accelerate the total amount due and payable under any MSA and declare the total amount due and owing.  Thereafter Court Clerk, Inc. may collect said total amount and also charge me reasonable collection fees including a reasonable attorney’s fee.


I understand that this and any automatic MSA along with the License Agreement contains the entire rights, duties, and understanding of the parties, and that no oral communications that I may have had with any Court Clerk, Inc. employee, agent, independent contractor, or representative shall alter its terms.


I have read the forgoing MSA, I agree that this MSA will become binding on both Court Clerk, Inc. and myself only upon acceptance by Court Clerk, Inc., at its corporate headquarters.  In the event of a dispute as to the terms, conditions, or meaning of this MSA, I agree that the validity and enforceability of this MSA shall be determined under the laws of Tennessee.